MainPower Trustee Elections

There are seven Trustees of the MainPower Trust, all of whom must be Qualifying Customers of MainPower. Trustee elections are held every three years, and prior to each election up to three Trustees will retire (generally the longest-serving), although they can stand for re-election if they wish.

The next elections will be held in March 2020.

Trustees are responsible for administering the Trust Fund in accordance with the powers, duties and other requirements of the Trust Deed.

Nominations to fulfil any Trustee vacancies are called for from MainPower's Qualifying Customers. Only Qualifying Customers on the Roll as at midnight on the day six weeks before election date shall be eligible to nominate a candidate, be nominated, or vote on the election of Trustees. Nominations must be accompanied by a candidate resume and must be nominated and seconded by MainPower Qualifying Customers.

Voting is by postal vote or through the MainPower Trust website.

The following documents are available for download:

 2020 Election Public Notice

2020 Nomination Paper209.58 KB

2020 Candidate Handbook631.48 KB